Don’t support bad talent, strive for greatness

After viewing clips from this week’s Video Music Awards I was reminded of a question I’ve always had: Why do we (people in general) enjoy bad talent? I first had this question when watching one of the early seasons of American Idol. You know when it’s early in the season and they’re airing the auditions. There are always those amazing standouts but then the show, just as equally focuses on the bad talent. I’ve always wondered why do those people audition? Surely they have loved ones that could tell them nicely that this isn’t for them? I like to sing to my daughter but I’m NO MUSIC STAR and my parents, husband, brother and good friends would happily dissuade me if I wanted to audition for a talent competition.

Keeping this post current, why didn’t Miley Cyrus’ parents or so-called finance tell her that her performance wasn’t going to bring her a positive reaction? As a PR practitioner I’ve always heard the saying, “there’s no such thing as bad press.” Well, as an artist I believe that this is very false. I’m an author and a writer of several columns. If I put something outlandish or just horrible out there it would hurt the future of my career. In that case even bad press is bad and should be avoided at all costs.

I’ve seen the social media outcry on Miss Cyrus’ performance. When did her family go from supporting her career to turning a blind eye? As a parent, I vow to always be honest with my daughter. My mom did this for me. Not every one of my dance performances, growing up was perfect. It was because of the honesty of my mom and family that I knew when I did something truly amazing because they would tell me. To this day I appreciate such honesty and know that I will not sugarcoat my daughter’s talent. I will support her, help her and tell her when she has really done a fantastic job.

Back to the point though, why does everyone (I’m referring to the vast amounts of social media users) seem obsessed with discussing and “Youtubing” bad talent such as Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance or bad talent on any “talent” shows? These people should not be given any attention. I feel sorry for them. I believe that everyone can strive for his or her dream. If your dream is to be a pop star, go for it with all you’ve got! But be mindful of your talent and where its abundance or lacking could take your career.

As a writer, I value my family, beta-readers and editors’ input. This can only help me. I don’t want to publish something horrible or even something good. I strive for greatness and listening will help me get there. I always try to surround myself by greatness. This is why I’m a proud member of RWA and even maintained my local Houston chapter membership when I moved to Saudi Arabia. It’s important to be around (or in my case, stay in contact with) talented, successful people no matter what it is that you do.

Watch talent, read talent, don’t make fun of those who may have fallen in their careers. We all make mistakes but don’t elevate them through millions of hits. The Internet makes it harder for people to forget mistakes. That’s all the more reason to be careful and think about what you are doing before you put yourself out there.

But why do we laugh, watch and by doing so support bad talent? Let it go. Feel sorry for a once talented individual who obviously is being misled and learn from it. I’m never going to perform at the VMAs. I’ve accepted this no matter how much I would love to do a song and dance number with Justin Timberlake. I am a writer and I will strive to put out great work. And I will always look at my work and evaluate its representation of my talent and how it can help me moving forward.

Reach for your dreams but be smart about it. Take chances but think before you act.

Rant over and while I will not share any images or clips from a certain VMA performance, I will happily share the Justin Timberlake and NSYNC performance. Enjoy!

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