A writer’s guide to writing with children: Making the most of waiting

This year my daughter started school and extracurricular activities such as dance, music and soccer. I’m so excited for the opportunities she’s being given but can’t help but feel like a professional driver.

I drive to her school and take her to her lessons. I wait at each of her activities and love seeing her achievements. But all of this takes time – time away from my writing. But with all the time that is involved in being at my daughter’s activities I can’t help but notice the amount of idle time also involved with my new schedule.

During dance classes, music lessons, and soccer practices I can write a lot. Technology makes this easier with iPads and efficient writing software programs. Writing parents can also take advantage of car pool lines.

Working parents of busy kids don’t have to suffer. They only have to get creative with their time. Look at the times you just sit and wait. Look at the idle times during your day. Use that time. Make the most of it and stay on top of your goals.

Are you a writing parent stressing over deadlines? Are you a writing parent trying to sell a manuscript you can’t find the time to finish? Next month I’m offering my popular “Writing Moms (and Dads too)” writing workshop via WANA International. During the month long interactive online workshop I’ll be helping writers develop an efficient writing plan that will work with their family lives.

For more information click here and I hope to see you in the virtual classroom. There is no better time to make a writing plan if you plan to participate in NANWRIMO.

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