Writing woes with a sick child

The school season is fully underway, which means it’s also time for the sick season. Baby Markey has enjoyed her first two weeks in preschool and now she has her first real cold. It’s wonderful that my daughter is in preschool and active in dance, soccer and music classes but it also means that she is exposed to more children and therefore more germs.

Any parent will agree that there are few things worse than having a sick child. Not only do you hate seeing your baby sick but it is physically exhausting and draining. For three nights now my husband and I have not slept well because of constantly checking on our sniffling, coughing little angel.

A sick preschooler in a herd of stuffed toys and Oscar (the dog) looking after her.

A sick preschooler in a herd of stuffed toys and Oscar (the dog) looking after her.

Luckily she is now on the mend but during such sick days mommy’s writing suffers. When I can write my head isn’t clear from the lack of sleep. So how can parents taking care of a sick child still be productive on work? My answer is housework. Yes, I know I dread it too. However, when your child sleeps, if your mind isn’t on work mode take up a chore that doesn’t require much thought. I can do laundry while in a zombie-like state.

Now how does this help your writing? I write best when the house is in order. I like not having to think about or be tempted by laundry, dishes, etc. Now that Baby Markey is nearly back to her normal self I can once again dive into my writing. I can feel rested again, have a clear mind again and the house is in perfect order. Well, as perfect of an order it can be in with a preschooler, giant dog, cat, and two rabbits.

How do you survive through the days of caring for a sick child? How can you maintain some sense of order and productivity when the little one you love is suffering through a cold?


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