Your child’s soccer practice can help your writing

Writing moms and dads are always facing new challenges in their attempts to have it all. As our kids grow so do our commitments and the struggles to manage our time. This is why I teach writing parents a simple self-study technique so that they can apply it to their lives as they change. Even though being a writing parent is always and forever will be a learning process. Recently I’ve learned the value of structure and wish I would have implemented it sooner and benefited from its

This year Baby Markey started preschool and a variety of activities. She’s in soccer, music, gymnastics, Latin dance, and swim lessons. With such a schedule we are all learning structure in our house. Each day has a set schedule and I’ve never felt more like a CEO. In fact, I don’t believe I was this organized when I scheduled, wrote and directed commercials for CBS.

While Baby Markey’s structured schedule cuts into my writing it has proven one thing. A busy child is an easier child. When we’re at home she’s more likely to agree to sit quietly and color or to watch a few cartoons. Both of these activities allow me to write. Also while I attend all her activities, I’m not learning these things, I take my trusted iPad with attachable keyboard and write. Take advantage of the time you get waiting on the sidelines.

Keeping up with my child’s schedule is a big job but it also forces me to notice the down time I do get and to take full advantage of it. My distractions online become fewer when I know I just don’t have the time.

Structure can be overwhelming or you can embrace it and let it help you reach your writing goals and dreams while being the parent you want to be. I know I’ll experience many changes in my schedule as my daughter grows but so far I like this new stage. I love seeing her blossom into someone with talents and skills.

If you have a younger child who has yet to get involved in school and activities it’s never too early to introduce structure. Yes, I heard that too when I had an infant but I now can attest that it is true. Set a schedule for your child. Parents often do this with nap times but do it with activities as well. Set a time for various types of play, music time, etc. Let your child benefit from a schedule and it too can help you.

How has increased structure in your life helped your writing?

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