Attention writers: Are you ready for the holiday season?

Ghouls and goblins take to the streets next week and soon we’ll be decking the halls in red and green but are you really for the holiday season? I’m a month away from taking a month-long vacation to the States and while it’s exciting, it’s also very overwhelming. However, even if you don’t have big travel plans for the season now is the best time for writers to prepare.

I write from home and though my daughter keeps me very busy I do best with structure. This is why I get up early each morning to write at least 500 words before chaos erupts in the house. It’s also why I schedule my writing time in my daily planner (AKA my lifeline, stay far away if it goes missing.) I know that when I’m on vacation visiting family or just caught up in the holiday spirit, writing will become a challenge. This is why I’m planning now. I’ve created lists to work from and I’m working ahead. By the end of the week my blog posts for November-January will be finished. Before I leave my final edits on my second non-fiction will be complete and submitted to my publisher and I’ll be well underway on meeting my Nanowrimo goal.Holidays

This may seem like a lot along with Halloween and the annual fantasy football party we throw but the extra work is worth it to feel prepared for the holiday season.

Simply working ahead is wise whenever you foresee a busy time on the horizon. I’ve read many blogs that talk about this very thing leading up to summer. For me December is the hardest month to write so I do what I can to make things easier on myself.

What are you doing to get prepared for the holidays as far as your writing goes? What tricks have you learned over the years?

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