How planning a child’s birthday party is like plotting a book

Who knew planning Baby Markey’s birthday could be so complicated? I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible on:

Cake design
Balloon bouquets and center pieces
Designing vegetable platters
Table landscapes
Party favors

Oh and then there’s the fact that the park it’s being held at doesn’t take reservations. My hubby was at the gated park an hour before it opened to secure our place and tables while I finished the sandwiches.

CenterpiecePlanning a party takes time. It’s very similar to planning your book. Of course issues will come up where you must think on the spot. Just as that scene won’t come together the way you envision it, some kid is sure to knock over something. Something will not go as planned. That’s when you must remain calm and sit back. Look at the spilled punch bowl or troublesome scene. How can you fix it?

Plan for a mishap. Plan for scenes that will take longer to write. Next month is Nanowrimo so budget your daily word count so that if you have a few bad days it won’t throw you off track for the month.

In the end, the final product is the result of your planning and attention. Have you thrown a big birthday party for your child? Did you notice similarities to its planning and your writing? What fun themes did you use?

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