Let it go part two: The writer

Lately I’ve struggled with my writing. I just seem to have lost that spark and I lack the excitement that I once had. I know I’ve become too analytical when it comes to my stories and that I’m the queen of over thinking EVERYTHING. So not only can the amazing new Disney ballad “Let It Go” apply to the mommy in me but it also is exactly what my writing career needs.

Yes, I’m still working on edits for my middle grade but the tedious line edits really serve to stifle my creativity. To answer this problem I’m letting it go. No, not the edits but I’m playing around with a few new projects. I’ve drafted a few extremely rough outlines and I’m writing the first chapter for two new YA projects. No I will not write them simultaneously while editing a middle grade and maintaining freelance projects. Oh and then I do teach dance here in Saudi. I’m not crazy but I desperately need to let it go and rediscover my creative side.

In writing the first chapter of two different projects I’m getting to know the universe and decide which I want to work on and which I want to shelve for another time. I’m really excited about this and believe it will help to break the current rut I’ve found myself in.

What do you do when your creativity seems to be lacking? Do you let it go? In the last post I shared the video of Idina Menzel’s character in Disney’s “Frozen” singing “Let It Go.” The link below has a different version where you hear the amazing song in twenty-five different languages! This is really cool!

“Let It Go” Multi-Language Sequence

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