Really a medicine can do that?

I have never discussed or talked about health matters on my blog. I stick to what I know: being a writer, a dancer, an animal lover, an American expat in the Middle East, and most of all a mom who like many struggles through the management of chaos on a daily basis. However, a recent experience we had with our dog Oscar served as an eye opener for our family.

Oscar is an epileptic. He has been for four years and takes medication for it. Back in October Oscar went through a bad spell with his seizures and was put on an additional drug. We were told that it would take about three months for the medicine to start making a difference.

Three months later Oscar was in boarding while we were out of the country for the Christmas holiday. The vet notified us that Oscar was having some difficulties walking. He was dragging his back right leg so severely that it was wearing down his toenails. When we picked him up from boarding he could barely walk and didn’t even seem to know us. Within a day he could not walk at all and we had to carry him outside and hold him as he went to the bathroom.

The list of what could be wrong with him wasn’t a pleasant one. We heard things like brain lesion, ruptured disc, spinal cord injury and a severe adverse reaction to that new medication he started three months ago. We were told to immediately eliminate Oscar’s newest medication. He was still on the old drug he’d been on since he was diagnosed with epilepsy. Slowly we saw a change in him.

Natalie-Oscar headshot 1Within a week he could walk on his own. He was unstable and could not climb the stairs or get on his favorite leather sofa but he was improving. That same week we began to see signs of our Oscar. His usual sweet facial expression returned and we saw the blank, sad stare he’d had less and less.

Now a month later Oscar is almost fully recovered. He is even once again getting into trouble by stealing food. Oscar had a severe adverse reaction to his new medication. I was amazed that a pill given twice a day could create such troubling and terrifying side effects.

To me this was proof as to how much medications or anything we put in our body can affect us. I certainly have rethought and evaluated every thing including food that goes in my body and my family’s.

Again, I usually don’t write about this kind of thing but as a mother and an animal lover I thought it important to share.

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