Hello February: It’s Time for Your Check-up

My husband and I know those catchy songs from Disney Junior just as well as our three-year-old daughter. Our daughter is especially fond of “Doc McStuffins,” a little girl with a magical stethoscope and a talent for treating sick toys. When a new toy needs Doc’s assistance the cast erupts in a catchy tune to “Time for your check up!” Though catchy and you may not get it out of your head, this song is a perfect theme for my post today.

January is gone and we’re now three days into February. How is your 2014 looking? Is it time for your resolution check up? For me I’m just where I want to be. I was realistic when planning out this year. As an American Expat living in Saudi Arabia we must be out of Kingdom a certain amount of the year. This of course throws all routine out the window and I’m still learning the best way to care for my daughter through long “vacations” and still manage to get my daily writing goal done. We were traveling all of December this year so I knew that I needed most of January to get my feet back under me and on steady ground back at home.

I think that setting unrealistic goals is a common mistake especially for the artist types. I can say this because I’ve been guilty most every year since I became a writer. I set great yet unattainable goals and then by February and definitely March I was depressed and feeling inadequate. So, how are you doing this year? Are you feeling overwhelmed, depressed? Instead of beating yourself up look at your goals. Is it possible that you overstretched yourself? It’s never too late to redefine your yearly goals. Sit down with a calendar and set realistic goals for each month. Make a plan moving forward to attain these new reachable goals.

How do you “check-up” your year? Have you seen reason to redefine your goals? How do you go about this?

And for those of you who don’t have the privilege of watching Disney Junior each morning, I present Doc McStuffins and “It’s Time for Your Check-up.”

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