Watching the Olympics is better when you’re a parent

I’ve always loved watching the Olympics. I love the thrill of the events. I love hearing all the inspirational stories of the athletes and how they got to where they are. It’s so nice seeing the support that the athletes have for each other even as they make friends with contestants from other countries. But now as a mother watching the Olympics I have a new reason to love the events.Balance beam

For every outstanding athlete there is a parent or someone who has supported them and helped them reach their Olympic dream. I was reminded of this last night when I watched two of the three Canadian Dufour-Lapointe sisters medal in the moguls. Of course I was happy for the athletes but I couldn’t help but think of their parents. I know how proud I got of my little girl when she mastered a new trick on the balance beam in gymnastics last week. My daughter is not even four and shows great talent in a range of sports. Though I was proud of her accomplishment this week I had to fast forward in my mind to when she could be participating in an Olympic games. Wow, what a feeling that must be!

Though realistically Baby Markey will probably not be an Olympian. Few grow to such an athletic accomplishment. She may be like me and end up excelling in an event (dance for example) that isn’t seen at the Olympic games. However, that feeling of awe-inspiring amazement and pride that comes with watching your child succeed is universal whether they win a local spelling bee or a gold medal. As a parent watching the Olympic games I get that.

I seriously cried as the new gold and silver medalists for the ladies moguls ran over to hug their parents. What an accomplishment and I’m sure it’s safe to say that those girls would never have stood on the podium without the obvious support of their parents. I can’t help but think about what Baby Markey could be capable of as I take her to soccer, music, gymnastics and dance class. Could I be supporting a future gymnastics Olympic medalist? Or the next Taylor Swift? I do know that whatever Baby Markey does I’ll be proud and continue to share that amazing feeling that many parents of Olympians are now experiencing.

Are you watching the Olympics? Which is you favorite event?

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