This reader’s new Valentine’s Day tradition

In honor of Valentine’s Day my husband and I are doing something different this year. Yes, we are getting a 24-hour trip (thanks Dad for watching Baby Markey) but we’ve decided to pick a book for the other to read. My husband is not a reader. Aside from the research articles he reads for work he tries to avoid reading when he gets home except for the stuff I write. However, over the past year he’s started to return to the world of recreational reading and pick up his favorite genre from back when he did read. That genre is military fiction. My hubby loves Tom Clancy, Bob Mayer etc. While I know Bob and love his writing I’m sad to admit that I’m not a military fiction fan.

red_storm_risingI’ve tried, really I have but I often find it hard to get immersed into the plot before I lose interest. Part of this likely comes from the schedule I keep as busy mom working on her own writing while also being a dance teacher. Books don’t get a big chance with me to make an impression before I start thinking of everything else I need to do. However, hubby has selected one of his favorite books for me to read. I’m now reading Tom Clancy’s “Red Storm Rising.” Don’t ask me yet on my opinion I’m only five pages in!

In return, I’ve selected one of my favorite books for hubby to read. After college I loved reading anything as a way to wind down after a hard day at the office. One of my girl friends who also was an avid reader recommended this book to me and I laughed. At that time I didn’t read romance. Don’t be mad at me but I use to balk at the idea of reading romance when I could be reading a real book. Hate the old me all you want but it took reading one book to show me that romance books are not just about romance. They can have action-driven plots, intricate world building and outstanding writing.

So yes, my husband is now reading “Dark Lover,” book one in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. I’ve read many Dark lover“romance” novels but this was my first and I loved it. I loved how strong the characters were (and I don’t mean physical strength) and the detailed plot that still had time for intriguing sub plots. I’m curious to see how my military fiction-loving hubby likes the book just as I’m curious how I’m going to enjoy “Red Storm Rising.”

I love that we’re recommending books to each other and it was a tough call on what I wanted him to read. This really is turning out to be a fun couples thing and I look forward to many nights of discussion as we talk about what we are reading.

Are you doing anything unique for Valentine’s Day?

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