The Monday Effect

We always see Facebook posts and other social media rambles about how much people dread Monday. On the flip side the phrase “Thank Goodness it’s Friday” is such a common belief that a restaurant chain is named after it. While I love the last day of the week and welcome wonderful family time I love what so many dread—Monday.TGIM

I think of Monday as a mini-version to my excitement of the first day of school. Yes, it’s been a while since I was in school but as a mom or even before that, as a member of a community, I loved the excitement emphasized on back to school. The whole “new year” helps me to embrace potential and reevaluate my goals for the upcoming months. On Mondays I love to look over the week ahead, take a breath and start doing my best to accomplish all that I need/want to.

Yes Monday marks the end to the weekend but it also marks the first day in getting to the next one. It’s the day that best sets the tone for your week and a day where you can accomplish a lot and free up some time throughout the week.

To make my Mondays better I take a little time on Sunday night to prepare. I sort out our family weekly meal plan (I always buy for the week when going to the grocery story over the weekend,) I go over the schedule to make sure it’s all included on the family calendar and select a quote for our kitchen message board to best motivate us for the week ahead. None of this preparation takes a lot of time yet it makes me feel better organized and excited about going into a new week.

Overall, Monday is my favorite day of the week. Now living in Saudi Arabia my “Monday” is actually Sunday. Our weekend is Friday and Saturday but for the purposes of this blog post (and the point I’m trying to make) we all experience a kind of “Monday Effect.” Your Monday effect may be accompanied with dread and hesitation but in truth you have the power to make Mondays become a positive effect for you and your family.

Take time to prepare. Look at it as an opportunity to create a great week. Take steps to set the right tone for the week and use that momentum to push you through to the weekend.

Do you love or hate Mondays? How do you prepare for them?

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