When stressed find the nearest pet

I’m normally stressing about something. Most of the time my top stress factors are my daughter and my writing. I’m at a constant battle of finding balance between my family and my desire to write. While I do a pretty good job at this most of the time, it does come with its share of stressful moments.

Stress plays a common and necessary role in our lives – sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s good. Stress drives me to do more and reach goals but sometimes it can be overwhelming. This is where my furry children come in. I’m blessed to have four pets: my dog Oscar, Beast the cat, and rabbits Diamond and Jedi. Yes, they are trouble. Yes, they take time away from my writing BUT they make me happy and keep me relaxed (well as relaxed as a working mommy with big dreams can be.)

Such a sweet face to take for a walk!

Such a sweet face to take for a walk!

I know and recognize the value of time. As a mom always testing my creativity out to find ways to maximize productivity, I get that. But it’s always a good idea to take a few minutes away from whatever you are doing and do something that makes you happy. I like doing things that I don’t “have” to do. Actually I consider loving on my pets or fitting in a quick stretch a “have” but in the grand scheme of things they are probably considered optional. It’s kind of like when my daughter says she “needs” something when in reality it’s a big “want.” You never need a new toy or need to hug your dog but both are nice.

Even a moment of animal affection does wonders to my mood. Whether I’m writing, planning out a weekly meal plan, creating lesson plans for my next dance class or one of a zillion other things, taking a moment to love on one of my furry babies melts away stress.

They are so cute, stress-free and loveable. It’s tempting to love on them all day but I do have that to-do list piling up. What do you do to take a moment, breath and release some stress?

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