A preschoolers top ten Academy Award Moments

There are many interesting things about living in Saudi Arabia but one is how we must watch popular American television moments such as the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards. A major thing to note is the time zone difference. Because there is an 8-hour difference we had the Academy Awards on very early in our morning. Luckily since the biggest awards of the night come at the end our three-year-old daughter was up to watch it.

That’s right. I actually was allowed to keep the Oscars on rather than switching to Disney Junior! I do credit our dog, who’s name is Oscar for his assistance. I simply told Baby Markey that Oscar had to watch the Oscars. She agreed and I was able to keep saying that Queen Elsa was going to sing. When in the States Baby Markey missed out on seeing most of the Oscars due to bedtime, which is a shame because her commentary is priceless. Here are some of my favorite Baby Markey Oscar viewing moments in no particular order.

1. “Mommy they also can take a selfie.” Yes apparently Ellen and I are both talented in this form of photography!
2. “They’re eating pizza at the show!” Of course then Baby Markey wanted pizza for breakfast. Thank you Ellen.
3. “What a beautiful pink dress! What Disney princess is that?” Obviously my daughter has not seen The Wizard of Oz or is aware that there are movies out there that don’t begin with a castle logo.
4. “I like that song. We should buy that new song.” Sorry Bette Midler but to my daughter your “Wind Beneath my Wings” is new.
5. “She sounds like Queen Elsa but Elsa is better.” Sorry Idina.
6. “That song has no words. Why?” I will say that Steven Price’s score to “Gravity” was breathtaking and it DID have vocals at the end!
7. “He looks so happy mommy.” And Matthew McConaughey had every right to be happy!
8. “There are a lot of people in those seats. When does their movie start?” Yes, it took a while to explain that this was one big award show for all the movies of the year.
9. “Yeah they did it! They crossed the finish line! They’re the winners! U.S.A.!” Yes, we watched a lot of the Olympics and apparently Baby Markey is still in Olympic mode though she was very energetic in supporting the cast of “12 Years a Slave.”
10. “Her dress is so red. It’s like pretty lipstick.” And there you have it. My daughter’s take on Jennifer Lawrence’s lovely red dress.

At least won at the Oscars. Our house is happy!

At least won at the Oscars. Our house is happy!

It’s tempting to tune our kids out when we want to hear something. I know this because I’ve sadly been guilty of it. Of course I wanted to hear Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech. I tried to listen but his words were drowned out by the sweet and persistent voice at my side. I’m sure his words were great but I preferred Baby Markey and my conversation about the happy man. She says the most adorable, hysterical and true things and it’s important for me to take it all in.

Don’t forget to listen to your kids and see what they come up with. I know by now that there are many articles out there picking apart Oscar moments, reading into what each person said in their speeches, analyzing each item of clothing, etc. But the best take on the show (to me) was what my daughter had to say. Do you listen to your kids? I encourage you to sit back and enjoy the “show” they provide. I bet you’ll find it to be Best Picture worthy in your book.

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