On Lent and Writing

Hello Wednesday and hello Lent. This past Tuesday marked the start of Lent – “a solemn religious observance in the liturgical calendar of many Christian denominations that begins on Ash Wednesday and covers a period of approximately six weeks before Easter Day (as defined by Wikipedia.”) While most people associate Lent with the act of giving something up, my family has always done the opposite. We add something to our daily routine that will hopefully better us in someway. There is no reason why writers can’t capitalize on the meaning of Lent and use it to benefit their writing.

My new Lent workout

My new Lent workout

This year I’m adding a 10-minute workout routine (on top of my normal fitness schedule) AND I’m vowing to write 500 words towards my new project before my daughter wakes up. See? Lent cannot only be a spiritual exercise but also a time to focus on what you’ve wanted to do and make it become reality.

When I wake up the first work I do is check my social media sites, follow up on any emails, and currently edit a few pages in what I’m revising. In addition to that I need to get the household ready for the day- feed pets, make sure any meat that needs to be thawed is out, take trash out, make my daughter’s breakfast, etc. All of this gets done (or at least I try) before Baby Markey gets up. I love being productive during this time but I always wish I could have written something new. I yearn to flex my creativity muscles. Now by pledging to write 500 new words in the morning I’m hoping to feel a great sense of creative accomplishment and all before the sun comes up! Of course this might mean that some of my normal tasks could fall to the back burner. I’m willing to work it out and stick to this goal.

What are doing for Lent? I believe that Lent is a great way to look at your goals and wants and make them happen. To me, it is religious and I find it spiritual when I meet a goal set.

Important Markey House Announcement: Baby Markey no longer wishes to be referred to as a baby. She says that she is a big girl. I’m actually proud of our big-girl-minded 3-year-old voicing her opinion to us. Therefore, she will now be referred to as “Little Miss Markey.”

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