The Power of Puppet Shows

The other day my daughter interrupted my writing. Honestly her timing was perfect because I was about to rip my hair out due to a troublesome scene. She wanted to show me her latest puppet show creation (she calls it Muppet because aren’t all puppets Muppets?)Puppet Show

Little Miss Markey’s show was about a little tiger named Stripes who wanted to sing a song but couldn’t remember the words. He had to talk to many animal puppets to help him remember the words to “The Alphabet Song.” What I loved most about this show was that at one point a dog puppet told Stripes the tiger, “you can do anything as long as you try.” First of all I officially feel accomplished as a good parent that my daughter fit this message into her puppet show. Secondly it was the perfect reminder on that particular writing day for me. And lastly, wow my three-year-old is so creative to be able to come up with such shows all on her own!

Okay, putting my proud-mommy-self-aside, this is a great opportunity to talk about how I get great creative energy from playing with my daughter. Yes, being a mom is tiring; there is no way around that. However, you can use parenting to fuel creative energy. Nothing beats seeing my daughter’s creativity. Her playroom is a center of creative play complete with dolls, doll houses, play sets and the “Muppet” stage show center. To see what she comes up with inspires me. Sometimes I think we adults are so focused on what needs to get done that it’s easy to stop playing. Having a kid forces you to play again and be creative for no better reason than to just have fun.

After Little Miss Markey’s puppet show and some playtime I felt renewed. Not really “spa day” renewed since my back hurt from crouching over a dollhouse but I felt emotionally renewed and my creative self was alive. I went back to my computer and that scene no longer seemed so troublesome.

Don’t be afraid to look to your kids for creative inspiration. Child play is powerful and takes us back to the beginning of our creative journeys. Embrace it as a parent who loves spending time with their child and as an artist in need of a pick-me-up.

How are you inspired by your child?

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