Spring Cleaning: Strategic Tactics to the Dreaded Chore

There is nothing fun about it. Yet, it’s almost here. March 20th marks the official start of spring this year and therefore the dreaded…spring-cleaning. We’ve been known to put it off sometimes for as long as a year but the results cannot be argued with. A good spring-cleaning is always smart despite the misery. While I’m the master of avoiding such tasks I do enjoy the end result. So this year I’m vowing to tackle spring cleaning in a new way. Hopefully this will aid me in keeping my sanity and still allow me to reach daily writing goals and these edits piling up on my desk.

So what is my strategy this year? I’m tackling spring-cleaning one room, one day at a time. Yep, it will take longer in terms of how many days I’m in spring-cleaning mode, however I won’t be cleaning all the time.

First stop, my office. Just last week my husband asked, “how do you know where anything is?” Well, I do. I like to think of myself as working from an organized mess. Or maybe I’m just hiding my notes to keep people from knowing what I’m working on? No, it’s not that it’s just I’d rather write than clean or organize. From there I’ll move to the living room and other family shared spaces before tackling the bedrooms. This year I plan to include Little Miss Markey AKA our three-year-old daughter in the process. Our community is holding a drive for toys to help Syrian refugees and we’re going to have her organize her toys and donate any outgrown ones. This is a great life lesson and it’s never too young to start.

Project #1

Project #1

As part of spring-cleaning I also take time to do a pantry overhaul. Each year I always find stuff that I’ve actually been buying extras of at the store. See, spring-cleaning can save you money! That’s motivation! It’s also a good time to tidy up file cabinets, closets and other places that seem to be exempt from the normal weekly clean. Yep, I plan to tackle my closet so if I stop blogging you will know the truth of my disappearance.

It’s also fitting that I’m embarking on a spring clean as I’m deep in the middle of extensive edits of my young adult novel. At least the cleaning will give me a break from sitting in a chair.

How do you prefer to “celebrate” spring-cleaning? Do you ignore and just never partake? Do you spread it out over several days like I’m doing? Or is it a sprint to the finish over a day or weekend?

Good luck to those planning to clean and exercise caution in closets, pantries and watch for dust bunnies!

Not a dust bunny!

Not a dust bunny!

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