Spring Cleaning: Permission to be messy

This week I’ve been tackling the dreaded chore of spring-cleaning. March 20th is officially the kick off to spring but this year I’m taking my chores in smaller doses. Though any major house cleaning/organizing is daunting it begs the question (at least for me,) how can we make such cleaning sprees easier? And how can we do this when many of us have demanding schedules? My favorite tool? The catch-all tray, junk drawer, junk room/closet, etc.

Our catch-all tray with an anxiously waiting window decal.

Our catch-all tray with an anxiously waiting window decal.

If you’re a writer then I’m sure you’ve heard the advice to allow yourself to write badly. Get your first draft done and then go back and revise, edit and fine-tune to your heart’s content. I think this is the same for home organization. Whether you use a catch-all tray, junk drawer, etc or all the above you are doing the same thing for your home that you do for your writing.

When rushing through your daily tasks it’s easy to put things down, create a mess or misplace things. When I’m in a hurry I toss things in the catch-all tray on the server in my dining room. Some things reside there such as my car keys, important community numbers, etc. Often though other items find their way there until I take time to relocate them to their proper destination later in the day or let’s be honest in a few days to a week. The same policy applies to our junk drawer in the kitchen. By doing this, stuff does not pile up on my dining table, coffee table or other places. Instead my house stays somewhat in order.

My daughter applies the same concept to her playroom. Toys and clutter can be abundant in that room. The hope is that by doing this Little Miss Markey won’t string her toys all around the house. That’s a good theory and it helps sometimes. Fingers still crossed that she’ll grasp this concept soon!

It is still hard for me to write badly. I’m always tempted to stay with a chapter or scene until I’m happy with it. I know it’s important to move on and keep writing forward but I still sometimes fall back into such temptation. My mom is extremely neat and the idea of a catch-tray would drive her nuts. However, when you’re a working mom with a very active three-year-old the idea is most appealing.

Like in all things, you need to do what’s best for you. Try things out. Test them. Do you grant yourself permission to be messy in a given area? How has this idea helped you or has it driven you mad? Share your experience in the comments below.

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