The Recipe for Luck

“I’m a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” – Thomas Jefferson

That is one of my favorite quotes and in my office I have a print of it framed where the text is printed on a sea of three-leaf clovers. While Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t necessarily associated with luck the three-leaf clover that is associated with the holiday is. Three-leaf clovers remind me of this quote. It tells a truth that everyone can be inspired by.

We can all do our best to create luck but at the end of the day, Jefferson’s theory that hard work generates luck is true. No one became a bestseller by not busting their butts writing the best novel that they could write. No one got a promotion at work without working hard, no one reached a goal without taking steps towards it, and the list could go on and on. I’m sure there are some rare instances where the work didn’t seem too hard to justify the reward but I’m willing to bet they are rare or that an individual’s hard work simply went unnoticed but indeed took place.

Just this morning I worked for hours on deep edits on my young adult novel. It’s my goal to see that book on shelves and eventually on bestseller lists. Taking the time on those tedious edits is just one example of the hard work I’m putting into my writing career. I’m making it possible for me to experience “luck.”

Finding available space at the compound I live on is like finding water in the vast Saudi desert. It’s very difficult. I am a trained dancer and when I saw a giant hole in children programming over here I knew that I wanted to teach again. I had a talent to offer even though I shifted my art focus to storytelling these past few years. I love to dance and help others and when I was initially told that I had no space to teach I kept working to find a solution. It took me a year of meetings and actually going to see different facilities and different times of days to check availability. I just returned from teaching a tap and jazz class to some wonderfully talented and happy girls. Without my dedication and hard work my dance classes would not be happening.

No one really likes hard work, if we could skip to the end and live the dream that would be so much easier. That is not an option. I honestly find my success so much more rewarding when I look back at what I did to achieve it. “Luck” comes with a price and Thomas Jefferson was right, it is hard work.

So when you’re wearing your green and drinking a Guinness take a moment and think about luck. Have you found that your “lucky” moments stemmed from hard work? How can you work harder to find the luck you seek? Lately I’ve been asking myself, “Am I working hard enough? How can I work harder and more efficiently?” I know what I need to do to accomplish my dreams. Do you?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I challenge you to go create some luck through hard work but take a break to make some yummy cookies ☺

We all know I’m a sucker for a good recipe. These “All Recipes Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies” are divine! Enjoy!

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