May #WriteMom’s unite!

I still can’t get over the power of the writing community that all writers can benefit from wherever they live. When I moved to Saudi Arabia I greatly missed the support of my local RWA chapter and just being around writing friends. While I still miss physically being with fellow writers I’m not completely isolated from the community due to social media. I love Kristen Lamb’s founded #MyWANA (My We Are Not Alone.) This is a fantastic “hangout” for writers and if you haven’t visited Wana International then you’re missing out on all kinds of writer awesomeness.

You don’t have to live out of the country to really, truly appreciate the online writing community. I felt isolated after having my daughter. Being a writing mom is very challenging as you are not always in control of your schedule.

So this week when talking about my writing life or just general life stuff I started using the Twitter hastag #WriteMom and instantly connected with other writing moms who understand the challenges I face. Add being a working, writing mom to that and life is crazy!!

Say #WriteMom when you’ve reached your writing goals, when you haven’t reached those goals, when your child hurls a bowl of cereal at your laptop, when the cat decides to take over your manuscript (oh yes, I count furry children) or whenever you feel like connecting with moms who truly GET YOU! I love tweeting about those epic moments when I feel I really have done something right. And this could be writing or parenting. This weekend when on the way to the grocery store Little Miss Markey (she used to be called Baby Markey until she announced she was all grown up) said, “I have to go to the library!” Guess where we went and I was nearly in tears because I must be doing something right. My precious three-year-old daughter wanted to go to the library and it was entirely her idea! We had a long chat with the librarian about dinosaur books and spent two hours exploring the library. Though I did encourage her to check out three children’s books rather than the nuclear physics book she really wanted.

My point is that no matter what we write. No matter how old our kids are or what are various life situations are all writing moms can relate to one another. We can support each other just as #MyWANA supports writers and artists. The Internet gives everyone the power of knowledge and community. No one needs to feel isolated anymore.

So share your #WriteMom story. Hop on Twitter and tell other moms about you. Do you include your child in your writing ideas? Do you read them your stories? Do you try desperately to leach off their endless energy? What tips have you learned from your #WriteMom experience? Share your experiences, triumphs, struggles, etc. Connect and become the beginning of a great community. A community of many that just needs to come together.

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