Balancing Work Vs. Fun with Kids this Spring Break

It’s that time of year again. Spring Break is among us and writers with kids will have their routines thrown off kilter. But this can be a good thing! My preschooler’s Spring Break is next week and though we don’t have any exciting plans I’m looking forward to the one-on-one time I’ll have with her. It will be our special “staycation.”

The fact though still remains that this mommy has work to do. So how do I keep an active preschooler happy and still allow some writing time for me? Well, here’s my Spring Break strategy:

Be realistic of goals– Obviously Spring Break will cut into my typical daily work goal. This year I’m really focusing on staying realistic. I have a bad habit of taking on too much or planning to do more than I can realistically do. This only disappoints me so I’m going to be realistic with my daily goals this Spring Break.

Plan joint projects– I’m planning activities with my daughter. Many of these are easy, at home craft projects that we can both enjoy. During this time she will have my FULL attention.

Due to the increasing Saudi heat we're stocking up on craft supplies!

Due to the increasing Saudi heat we’re stocking up on craft supplies!

Plan independent projects- I’m also planning out some projects that my daughter will hopefully be interested in doing by herself. For example, one day after we complete our mommy/daughter craft I’m going to tell her to prepare a puppet show that she can perform for us that evening. Each one of these projects is centered around something that she can show us later or perform. This will help her with the need to be independent but will also allow me sometime to work while overseeing her.

Join a Spring Break camp– I’ve also signed Little Miss Markey up for Vacation Bible School. This will take place from 9-11:30 each day. However, this won’t help me get work done as I’ve volunteered to help at the event each day. There are normally many Spring Break activities where working parents can be happy that their kids are happy while learning something. However, I love spending time with my daughter and never want my desperation to get work done to force me to sign her up for things just to free up my time. When I sign her up for things it’s because I feel she will like them and that we can both benefit from it.

Schedule play groups- I’m planning a few play groups where Little Miss Markey will have some friends over. While my daughter is past the idea of a nap she will sometimes sleep if I wear her out! These play groups will hopefully do that so she’ll take a brief nap allowing me some great writing time.

Have fun– Sticking to the fun of what every Spring Break should be I’m planning fun evening activities for the family (trips to the park, pool, etc.). As our evenings will not be dictated by our usual routine this is the time to get outside and have some fun family time. With this being said I’m getting my daughter involved in planning what she wants to do for family evening fun. If it’s something she really wants to do, like go to the pool then I can use this to my advantage. “If I’m going to the pool later then mommy needs to get some work done. Can you play with your dolls while I do this?” It’s never a bad idea to ask your kids for help no matter what their age is!

Spring Break should be fun for the whole family. Keep this in mind when you are feeling that pull to write. Maybe you can benefit from a break. Taking time off for some family time may actually increase you productivity when you return to your usual schedule.

How are you planning out writing vs. fun time with Spring Break?

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