When it rains in the desert

It must be easy to be a weatherman in Saudi Arabia. With no training in the area I could give the daily forecast: Sunny, hot with some sand in the air. That is what we have most of the year. In the “winter” it does get cold at night but the coldest I’ve ever felt it during the day was a whopping 60 degrees.

Typically during the change of seasons we get a sandstorm and these can vary in intensity but are typically just a mess to deal with. I’d take a yucky sandstorm over tornadoes and hurricanes any day! And very rarely it rains. It’s even more rare to have any sound of thunder with that rain. Today has been one of those rare days where we have seen rain and thunder!

Little Miss Markey has been saying, “wow!” a lot and I’ve been feeling particularly sluggish like the bed is calling to me on a high frequency. It’s rare days like today that I get the most energy from my daughter by seeing her excitement over something so simple and basic as a rain storm. It’s moments like this that I understand that my writing can wait and I can enjoy the moment with my daughter. I may not get many rainy days but I know I can never have too much time with my wonderful three-year-old.

Rain in the desert is rare. We're embracing it!

Rain in the desert is rare. We’re embracing it!

I’m taking today as an opportunity to talk about weather and other topics related to the rain. You don’t have to look far to turn something into a learning moment and for us living in Saudi anytime it rains is a MAJOR learning moment for kids.

Luckily for me my daughter also felt the call to nap. Unfortunately I used that time to catch up on some writing. Though the day wasn’t as productive as I had wanted it to be it was productive in making wonderful moments with my daughter. To this writing mom that is important and it was a great day!

What little moments in life have caused you to change your plans and focus all attention on your child? When I’ve had days like this in the past I’ve always found that the next day I’m very productive in work. Hopefully this will be the case tomorrow. ☺

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