The Art of the Play-Date-Lunch

Have you ever felt bogged down, overwhelmed, you really may have too much on your plate yet you need to eat, feed your child all while praying for a conversation with higher vocabulary? Yes, it’s been one of those weeks where a run-on sentence perfectly exemplifies my life. But you can accomplish such a task and the answer is the play-date-lunch.

A play-date-lunch gives you fun memories while wearing your child out for writing time later.

A play-date-lunch gives you fun memories while wearing your child out for writing time later.

I held one of these for Little Miss Markey the other day. It’s been a week of heavy edits and lots of events around the community but the play-date-lunch is always the perfect solution for getting your child to eat, burn off some steam while allowing you the much needed adult time that you deserve.

What I do is make an easy cold lunch for the mom so if they get distracted with the little ones then the food won’t go cold. For kids I try to make a theme, like spaghetti while playing “The Lady and the Tramp” on the playroom television. I keep things super casual and keep the kids in the playroom surrounded by toys. The playroom is the ultimate kids hangout as it’s okay to get a little cluttered with all the toy playing.

Such lunches do take longer as they evolve into playtime but it normally guarantees a sleepy child afterwards therefore granting you the time you need to tackle those edits. If Little Miss Markey won’t take a nap after a play-date-lunch then she’s definitely tired enough to stay on the couch with a game or movie.

What fun events do you throw to accomplish fun time with your child while making them sleepy so you can work later?

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