Gaining writing momentum through other arts

Yes, I’m a writer but more than that I’m an artist. I love to create and bring something new to this world. I often find that people who are artists find artistic talent in other areas. Even if you don’t believe you have talent in another form of art you might be surprised to find a sense of creative energy from it.

For example, I am a writer but I’m also a dance teacher. I’ve danced since I was three years old. I went on to compete, perform professionally and teach. When I find that I may be in a writing slump I always turn to my dance. The simple act of putting together a routine for one of my classes always manages to unlock my creativity and in turn help my writing.

Lately I’ve taken up art. I paint and draw with my preschooler. Now I am by no means a Picasso and I will never show you my work! However, I find it therapeutic and relaxing. For me it goes back to my love to create. I don’t need to understand a formula or solve a problem I just need to let go and be an artist.

Embrace the artist you as Little Miss Markey demonstrates!

Embrace the artist you as Little Miss Markey demonstrates!

Thank goodness my husband is a scientist. It’s good to know that our daughter will be able to draw on academic help from her two totally different parents. But I stand true on my belief, whether you write, dance, paint, sing, etc. they all are connected. Artists are all alike. People think I’m crazy when I say writing is like dancing but it’s true. When I create a dance routine I tell a story through my movement just like an artist tells a story through the strokes of their brush.

Don’t laugh. Try it. Next time you’re writing (or lack there of) gets you down try your hand at a different kind of art. See how it feels and embrace the creativity!

Are you a multi-genre artist too? How do you feel it helps you as an artist?

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