The case of the cracked iPad and how it’s helping my editing

This morning our house is not a happy house. In the words of Little Miss Markey it’s a “sad, sad, sad, house” because of a peculiar case of a cracked iPad (my iPad to be precise.) Lately my three-year-old is obsessed with watching toy reviews on Youtube. Specifically play doh reviews are her favorite. These reviews are typically short and a great tool to keep her occupied while I’m making breakfast.

Today when I was in the kitchen I heard a whiny voice followed by a scream and a crash. Naturally I rushed into the living room after the commotion and found my iPad laying face down on the floor, my lovely daughter sitting with hands folded on the couch and my dog sprawled out on the tile looking up at me with that “help me” look. It was not a pretty sight and only got uglier when I picked up my newish iPad to see distinct cracks on a corner of the screen. Luckily it still works but I was not a happy mommy in that moment. “What happened?” I asked. Little Miss Markey went into a huge, elaborate and dramatic story about how Oscar, our dog was sad that the video ended and he threw the iPad. Well that’s pretty amazing since Oscar was begging for food from me in the kitchen and ran into the living room when we heard the crash.

I love that Little Miss Markey tells stories but I don’t like these kind. Needless to say we had a big talk and some time out was involved. Someone also is learning what it means to be grounded. She will not get to watch/play any iPad games for a week.

“What am I going to do?” she asked. Well today we are painting a wind chime and I’m going to read to her my page edits. Yes, see how I’m combining valuable memory making time with edits ☺ So Little Miss Markey will still have fun. Her non-iPad playing week will not be torture but hopefully this will be the last time she’ll ever throw mommy’s technology!

Has your child done something like this? Do you include your child in your writing?

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