Take a moment to embrace the uniqueness of where you live


Okay, yes today’s blog title sounds a little cheesy but it’s true. As a mom, a writer, a dance teacher, CEO of managing our home it’s so easy to get caught up in the craziness of life. I live on a compound in Saudi Arabia and some days I actually forget where I live. I mean life gets crazy that I forget to notice the jebels of the desert, uniqueness of the wild cats, the beautiful desert foxes. It’s easy to focus so much on what I’m doing that I forget to appreciate how awesome it is to live in such a foreign environment.

This is a jebel.

This is a jebel.

Now you don’t have to live overseas to get what I’m saying. When I lived in Arkansas I tried to make time each morning to watch the deer outside my office window. It was beautiful, peaceful and definitely something that I don’t get here. I believe that each place we live has a uniqueness, some more extreme than others. Though many of us are busy it’s important to ourselves and our creative mind to take a moment and appreciate that uniqueness.

Another jebel.

Another jebel.

What makes where you live unique? How can it inspire you? How can it calm you? Here are some pictures of the desert jebels just beyond our home in Saudi Arabia. They are unique, beautiful and a reminder of the adventure that I’m on. Almost two years ago I would have never dreamt I’d be living in a desert in the Middle East. Now I’m loving every minute of the experience and finding it to be a wonderful opportunity for our family.

My desert walking path.

My desert walking path.

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