The importance of tradition


And so that towel was white prior to the egg dying activity...

And so that towel was white prior to the egg dying activity…

I love tradition, especially now that we live in Saudi Arabia. Since moving here I find it more important that ever to celebrate traditions for Christian and American holidays. It’s like I have this need to overcompensate for living here for our daughter’s sake. She doesn’t see the marketing, commercials and decorations that often accompany most holidays in the States.

Saudi Arabia follows a Friday, Saturday weekend schedule so my husband is taking a day of vacation for Easter Sunday. Our three-day weekend began with some Disney Princess Easter Egg dying. We must have pretty eggs to hide on Easter! We also have a jam-packed weekend of parties at various friends’ houses and an Easter party at the U.S. Consulate.

We also have assembled a scrumptious Easter food menu including brunch and a dinner buffet. Little Miss Markey is set to make Easter themed cookies and assist me in making a pie.

Our family is extremely fortunate because we live with two bunnies. Yes, if you follow this blog or @NatalieCMarkey on Twitter I’m sure you recall the amazing rescue of Diamond and Jedi (our bunnies) from a flood in our old Arkansas backyard. That’s right, we rescued, domesticated wild bunnies and then moved them with us to Saudi Arabia. They are family! They also are special agents for the Easter Bunny. It’s amazing how much more into the bunny girls Little Miss Markey is around the Easter holiday! Talking to them on “Easter Eve” is a fun tradition for us.

Happy Easter from Jedi!

Happy Easter from Jedi!

We’re also set to read the Easter Story to Little Miss Markey and discuss the real reason for the holiday. Though a three-year-olds comprehension of such events is always limited.

Everyone has traditions. May they be big or small we have them and make memories from them. If your family is spread out like ours is then you probably understand my focus on making such a big deal of traditions. This is something we can share with family and friends even if we can’t be with them. Traditions are what our daughter will remember when she looks back on holidays and looks forward to them throughout the year. Especially when our traditions define the holiday while the society we live in doesn’t celebrate them.

At the end of the day traditions are nothing more than the routines we follow for a certain holiday. I like routines too so it’s no wonder that I love traditions. Writers can especially relate to this as so many of us thrive best on routines. I know I love my early morning writing routine!

What Easter traditions do you follow? How important are they to your family.

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