I am Mommy Watch Me Dance

Okay, on some days “roaring” may seem more appropriate but lately I’ve turned to dance to let off some steam and recharge my much needed energy tank. Sure, I am a dance teacher but I promise you I’m not breaking out in pirouettes or fancy leaps in my living room while my daughter is in school. Rather I bounce, shuffle and sort of turn around the house dodging toys and trying to make sense of the clutter.

I don’t get the usual radio stations that I used to adore in the States living here in Saudi Arabia but I am a huge fan of the UK MTV, Pandora and iTunes Radio. Did you know that the UK MTV only shows music videos? That’s right! It’s just like the old MTV and how it should have remained in the U.S.A. Thanks to MTV and iTunes Radio I’m staying current on my music pop culture and getting a little workout.

How am I just learning about this? iTunes Radio keeps me current and adds a lot to my little dance sessions.

How am I just learning about this? iTunes Radio keeps me current and adds a lot to my little dance sessions.

Aside from the obvious health benefits of stepping away from my computer and dancing it really does help my energy. I feel great on days when I get up and move and feel prepared mentally and physically to pick my daughter up from school and tackle our evening agenda.

In addition to how dancing makes me feel it also helps my writing. That’s right! I may take some time away from developing that plot and fleshing out those characters but dancing makes me alert and happy. This helps my creativity far more than anything else I’ve tried.

So the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed (and let’s be honest that is most of the time for us moms!) don’t be afraid to break out some dance moves. Dance like no one is watching or in my case put on a little show for your dog, cat or bunnies. Let your hair down and have some fun. I promise it can’t hurt and you just may find that it’s the energy booster you’ve been looking for!

Do you dance through your day to help your energy and mood? I’m a big fan of this and my daughter loves breaking out her dance moves as soon as she runs in the door from school.

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