Embracing those super days

Earlier this week I had a super day. You know what I’m talking about? It was one of those days where I felt like Super Mom. I woke up early and was productive in work, made a well-balanced breakfast for Little Miss Markey and me. She didn’t have school until after lunch that day so we worked on a fun coloring craft in her playroom for most of the morning. When she was hard at work coloring I cleaned the kitchen and folded clothes while planning out my writing plan for the afternoon. Once she was off at school I worked out for half an hour before writing 2k and planning out some freelance projects. I then made dinner and showered before picking Little Miss up from school and taking her to dance class. On top of this awesome day everyone behaved. Yes, my lovely daughter was a perfect angel. The furry babies were even perfect except for teasing me with their so tempting nap on the couch.

It was just one of those happy, perfect, wonderful days where I accomplished all that I wanted to do and more AND was happy doing every moment of it. Now, yesterday was a different story. Little Miss had a meltdown in music class, I burned lunch, Oscar’s skin allergies were bothering him and that constant licking sound nearly drove me mad and when I could have worked I followed my furry children to the couch and crashed. Oh and dinner…I gave up on that all together and we had pizza.

Not every day can be super. Not every day is bad. I find that the majority of my days fall somewhere in the middle. But even when you don’t have a super day you can still use them to propel you to greatness. This is a concept that I talk about in my lectures and workshops. Use the momentum of your super days and soak up that feeling when you’re down.

You know that amazing feeling that super days give you? Remember it! Breathe in those spectacular moments when you feel that you are perfect and you’re the definition of a super mom and professional success. Remember that feeling and recall it when you feel like screaming on a bad day. Not every day can be super but we can remember and strive for the next day of such greatness.


Remember to celebrate the super days and think if there is anything in particular that you did to set yourself up for such a day. Of course many factors such as family members and work play into how your day goes but did your attitude going into that super day make it all possible? For example, I do a series of stretches every morning before I do anything else. I then wash my face with cold water and drink a cup of warm lemon juice. This is my routine. It gets my day going on the right path for me. Now I have had mornings where something happens and I skip my little morning routine. I will tell you that none of those mornings have resulted in a super day. I know what my body needs to get going in the morning. When I miss those stretches I feel it throughout my body with everything I do all day long. So I make it a priority and try to not have my brief but important morning ritual interrupted.

What do you do to help set the stage for super days? Do you guard it and protect it knowing its value? How have you benefited from previous super days even when you have a bad day?

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