We shouldn’t need a reminder to be thankful

Today I worked through my daily goal list with a heavy heart. When we moved to Saudi we moved from Arkansas and several of the neighborhoods by our old home were devastated by a tornado and severe weather last night. We have some friends who lost their home, everything in it and their car. Luckily the family made it out of the devastation unharmed. However, having lived there and having several memories of taking shelter when we heard the sirens or worse a tornado itself made me sick when I heard this news. It made me feel thankful for what I have. Sadly, I shouldn’t have needed a reminder.
Be Thankful
I felt guilty because moments before learning what had happened I was starting my day here in Saudi and already stressed at all the things I had to do. Well, let’s be honest, seeing the horrible images of our friend’s home put things in perspective once again for me. Suddenly all those things I “had to do” took a back burner to things like extra playtime with my daughter. We’re planning some remodeling for our home and even though I look around and see the desire for change I do see the comfort of my home and I’m thankful for it.

Though I tend to get stressed and over-think things I am very thankful for what I have. Sadly, it’s moments like this that remind me to be more thankful. Tonight I’m working a little later because I spent that extra time with my daughter and I didn’t tell my dog no when he wanted to snuggle with me on my favorite leather sofa. It was a good day.

Even though it’s easy to think about stuff like this when disasters strike the fact is that we shouldn’t need a reminder to be thankful. That’s why I’ve added a new sticky note to my desk as a constant reminder. Be thankful!

I continue to send my thoughts and prayers to the people of Mayflower and Vilonia, Arkansas as they sort through their damage and begin to heal from the storm.

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