When your child is sort of sick

It’s a busy week for me here in our Saudi community. It’s the annual Library Week where I am recognized as a published English author. Most of the authors in attendance are Saudi with great books published in Arabic. Not only is it always a great feeling to be recognized for your work but it also is a wonderful thing to represent your country and primary language. So of course Little Miss Markey is sick this week.

She’s not really sick. Yesterday she had a slight fever and as she calls it a “broken nose.” I canceled my involvement in Library Week yesterday as she could not attend school and needed her mommy. Today she has no fever, all the energy in the world but still the nastiest runny nose you’ve ever seen. This is even when on medication!

I know that this is a big dilemma for many working moms, is it okay to send your child who’s sort of sick to school? Normally I’d say NO WAY! The biggest argument for me against sending her is that her resistance is down and she could get something else. The doctor says that she is not contagious. Still though, I hate to be that mom who takes their snotty nose kid off to school just so she can go to work. I’m very fortunate to work from home (unless I’m teaching a dance class) but sometimes writers are called on to actually interact with the public.

Oh what to do?!

I consider myself a picky mom and on any given day this would not be an internal debate. I’m the mom that is calling the doctor over the little things. I do the same thing with our dog, cat and two bunnies.

So what did I decide? She’s going to preschool so mommy won’t have to cancel out on her Library Week involvement for the second day in a row. She’s not contagious to her classmates and today she is begging to go to school and see her friends. Luckily we live in a small community so if I am needed I can be there within five minutes. As hard as it was for me to make this decision I am good with it. I wish her nose wasn’t “broken” but I also know that she will one day appreciate what I do for the family and me. My work does help my family and shows her that she can be a great mommy who spends time with her kids and still follows her vocation.

I’m sure some will agree and disagree with my decision. Have you ever been in my shoes?

No one wants to see a picture of a snotty-nosed kid so Miss Jedi says hello!

No one wants to see a picture of a snotty-nosed kid so Miss Jedi says hello!

Addition: Little Miss Markey did great in preschool and her nose continues to improve. I had a wonderful time discussing my book, “Caring for Your Special Needs Dog” and my writing career with other writers/authors. No matter what nationality we are, we all share the love for literature and the writing process.

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