When writers have to actually wear clothes

Ha! I bet that title definitely made you want to read this blog! All kidding aside, I’m serious. While writers do wear clothes (at least I do) we are not in the most fashionable industry. On most days I write in comfy sweats or yoga pants and an old shirt from college. On days when I teach dance I may never make it out of my dance workout clothes. The fact is writers don’t dress up to work at home but then times do creep into our lives when we must actually look professional.

I had one of those moments last week when I attended the annual Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Library Week where I was the only English writing author being honored. Yep, no pressure. So I actually had to go through my closet and make sure at least one of my professional outfits that I wore at RWA was clean and ironed. My daughter even asked, “Why are you so fancy today?”

I guess I do need to dress up more and I think this for more reasons than I don’t want my three-year-old to think I’m frumpy. It felt good to dress up. I felt like I was back in the corporate world. Now I love my job; I am so fortunate to get to write and teach dance all while working mostly from my home with my daughter. To me having the flexibility to take my daughter to school and her activities, to get to have lunch with her each day is worth all the fancy professional shoes in the world. However, I often wonder how my productivity would be affected if I dressed up?

This goes back to my old school “test day” theory. On any day that I had a test I was dressed at my best. Now I’m not saying I broke out the prom dress but I was well put together. This made me feel better and therefore helped my confidence affecting my ability to test well.

So if I actually get “dressed” would I write more? I’m thinking yes but I do think that this theory is worth testing. All this week I’m going to actually get “fixed up” to write. That’s right, no more dance clothes or college t-shirts. I’m going to actually look cute. Then I’ll tell you how productive I was.

Have you done this? Maybe not an actual experiment but do you find that you work differently based on what you wear?

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