Avoiding the “World Showcase Effect” and planning a trip right

I’ve always believed that half the fun of a vacation is planning for and looking forward to the actual trip. That’s right, we’re in full vacation planning mode at our house. First we sat down as a family and decided on key desires that we wanted from a vacation this year. I want to relax and have a beautiful place to write in and work on lesson plans for the upcoming dance season. My husband wants history and outdoor hikes. Little Miss Markey wants lots of beaches. So we’ve decided on Cyprus.

Like I do when I set out to write a book or teach a dance I always plan a vacation. Of course there will be “down time” but I like to know that we know what we are doing. I refer to this as the “World Showcase Effect.” When my family first went to Walt Disney World (we are now frequent visitors and experts) we fell in love with the happiest place on Earth. And then when we returned a friend asked my mom what we thought of Epcot’s World Showcase. My mom had no idea there was such a thing. From that moment on she vowed to be well informed before any vacations and this is a mentality that I have adopted as I now plan trips for my own family.

A taste of where we'll be hanging out in Cyprus!

A taste of where we’ll be hanging out in Cyprus!

Planning a vacation is hard work. I like to equally divide up activities that will please everyone and of course if our four-year-old isn’t happy then no one is happy! This means dividing up historical site tours and playgrounds. And then we’re dividing our trip into two parts. The first we’ll be at a villa in a village and the second we’ll be at a luxurious resort and spa center on the beach.

Lately I’ve been reading up on the history of the island and can’t wait to escape real life for some family fun and relaxation. How do you plan your vacations? Does the planning tend to take over your life? I can think of no better break from work!

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