Relief and lessons from success

No matter what we do. We could be writers, dancers, artists, spouses, parents, children, etc. We all work for something. It could be personal or professional or a mix of both but I’m willing to bet that you’ve worked hard for something and are probably working hard for something right now. We do that as we move forward in life always striving for the next thing.

Last weekend I hosted a dance Showcase for my dance students. It was the first time I’ve held such an event with my new dance business here in Saudi. When I taught in the States I had this process down to a fine art. I knew what to do and when, and even though it was still hard work it was mostly a routine. Here I’ve been paving new roads and making connections. This past year has been a constant battle of administrative whit in addition to the usual responsibilities of being a dance teacher.

I’m thrilled to say that while the day was long and tiring everything went perfectly. I had happy dancers and parents and just seeing them dance their dances, showing off all that they’ve learned—I’m still smiling about it.

Running this Showcase though is like doing any other thing, it takes work. There is planning and implementation and dedication. Sounds a lot like writing? I thought so. This is why I love how I’m involved in multiple things. I learn from each and apply that knowledge to everything I do. From the Showcase I learned what it’s like to work hard within another culture. At times I was frustrated over how people could not understand that I need ample set up time. I couldn’t just go “poof” and the chairs, stage, décor, etc. would appear. Everything I did to prepare for this event had to be explained and justified again and again. I was building relationships and helping people understand and this goes for everyone here – every nationality. When you live in a place long enough it’s easy to fall into its ways and forget how things are managed elsewhere. So running a Showcase for one dance class was considerably harder than running an entire recital but I learned from it and so did everyone I worked with.

What I took from this was a reminder of the benefits of hard work. Yes, that sounds cheesy and yes we should all know that lesson but it’s nice to get a reminder every now and then. It’s easy to feel down on my writing some days when I’ve been writing fiction for four years now and I still feel far from my goals. But thanks to events like my Showcase I’m reminded of what success feels like and how much sweeter it is when I’ve worked so hard for it.

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