The mystery of Middle Eastern water AKA my shower dilemma

One of the most frequently asked questions I get about being an American living in Saudi Arabia is: how is the water? While it may seem like an odd question at first, it is very warranted. As for drinking water we drink bottled water or we actually have a Nestle water tower in our kitchen. Our sink has two faucets, one with raw water and one with sweet water. The raw water is unfiltered water with a ton of salt and minerals in it. This is for cleaning dishes, however I always do a quick rinse with the sweet water when washing any fine china or crystal. We use the sweet water for everything else aside from drinking. It is also fine to cook with such as boiling pasta.

Now let’s talk about showers. Taking a shower in my house is the biggest moment of my day where I miss America. It may sound dramatic but I’m telling you the truth. Our showers use raw water, remember that unfiltered stuff? It seems rough on your skin and it is. I didn’t use to be a lotion girl and now I feel like I swim in it. We do use filtered showerheads but they can only do so much. This is why I get so excited for weekends like the one tomorrow.

Yes our weekends are Friday and Saturday and tomorrow we are going on a one-night family trip to Bahrain. We love Bahrain. It is a 20-minute drive. We do have to go through the causeway to leave Saudi and enter Bahrain so we leave really early in the morning to avoid lines. Once we are there we stay at a hotel on the beach looking out over the Arabian Gulf. The hotel is connected to a mall so we can access some retail therapy and take our daughter to a movie. The food is amazing (though I find all food in the Middle East to be amazing) and a shower here is the real deal! That’s right, tomorrow I’ll be taking a very long shower and relishing in very clean water. How the hotels in Bahrain can master this quality of shower water and the compound I live on can’t is forever a big mystery for me.

Anyway, today I’m writing with purpose. I’m writing with a reward in mind. I’m writing to tick the time away until I get my perfect shower in Bahrain. Oh and the hotel even has those ceilings where the water just falls down on you like rain. Yep, I’m pretty excited and I know everyone is looking forward to a quick getaway.

You may have a perfect shower everyday or not have easy driving distance away from a quick escape. I encourage you to find something to reward yourself with. Even the simplest pleasures can be the best rewards for reaching a writing goal or just making it through a hard week.

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