Thoughts from a dance teacher turned dance mom

It’s recital season in my town and this year is a little different for me. I am a dance teacher and teaching dance and running dance recitals is what I do. However, this year I’ll also be a dance mom as my daughter will have her first dance recital. She is so excited and I’m so proud of her already after watching her dress rehearsal but seeing her on that stage has made me realize something profound. I don’t care if she dances or not.

Obviously I love dance. I like the community (though some moms get way out of hand) and I love the discipline and coordination development that comes with it. For me dance created confidence. When I quit dancing professionally I became a communications/public relations director and addressing clients and planning events was easy thanks to the confidence and discipline I learned from dance. However, the biggest thing I got out of being a dancer and still do is the great amount of joy and happiness that it gives me. That’s what I want the most for my daughter.

I want her to have something that she is not only talented at but also gets so much joy out of doing. I love the feeling I get when I’m on stage and nothing can beat it. I want her to experience such a feeling and if she doesn’t get that from dance then I hope she finds what can.

Little Miss Markey's first dress rehearsal!

Little Miss Markey’s first dress rehearsal!

So I will not be one of those moms standing on the side “backseat dancing” and yelling out instructions to their child. I will hug my daughter before she heads for the stage and tell her to smile and have fun. I will not criticize my daughter’s performance. I will ask her how she feels she did and that answer will say it all.

Now she was amazing at dress rehearsal and loved dressing up and getting on stage. I do think this dance teacher has her little dancer but I really mean what I’ve said (typed.) I want her to be passionate about something and love it. If that’s dance then that would make me very happy but this is her life and not mine. I’m living my life and I want her to love hers doing what makes her happy.

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