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The Writer’s Guide to a Vacation

We leave tomorrow on a two-week vacation to the island of Cyprus. If I can ever get us packed then I’ll be even more excited about this trip. However, as I’m packing I can’t help but see that many of my vacation planning traits can be attributed to being a writer. I bet I’m not alone!

1. Planning/Plotting – When I write I’m a plotter. I like to know where things are going in my stories just like I like to know my options and like to plan my vacations.
2. Tough decisions – Which book to read on the beach? Oh this is so hard. I plan to catch up on some much-needed relaxation and for me that means reading a book. Now if I could just decide….
3. Where to pack those page edits so hubby won’t find them? Oh yes and I will be sneaking in some editing time.
4. How full can I pack my daughter and husband’s carry-ons, as mine will be my laptop? And of course my laptop is coming. I just say it’s because we have free Wi-Fi and family will want to see pictures on Facebook. In truth I must write even if it’s a little! I promise to relax but I can’t just stop writing! People think I’m crazy but writers understand.
5. Research, research, research- With every exciting thing I read about where we are going I can’t help but think of all these new story ideas! Of course I’ll enjoy the history and culture for myself but taking some notes for a book down the road simply can’t hurt.

Writers are fun, creative and a little different. We ask questions and see things differently. It’s a fun way to live and I love it but yes, a vacation for a writer will probably never be a vacation away from being a “writer.”

Are you a writer? Have you noticed behaviors in yourself that are directly related to being a writer? How about during a vacation or when preparing for one?

And I will relax, just look at this place!

And I will relax, just look at this place!

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