Keep Calm and Dance On (especially when teaching your own child)

If you follow this blog then you know that I wear many hats. I’m a mother, a wife, a writer, an animal lover and also a dancer. I taught dance in the States and then took some time to focus on family but like writing, dance is an art I’m passionate about. I feel even more passionate to spread the art of dance to the community where I live in the Middle East. A lot of these kids move here from other countries and use to take dance. They want to keep it up. I also have students who are able to experience dance for the first time through my classes.

It makes me very happy to offer this to my community and it is a wonderful way to get me moving, keep up my dance (as best as someone in their 30’s can do. Let’s face it I’m not like I was in high school) and clear my head from writing. For me both writing and dancing are therapeutic and one stimulates my creative flow for the other.Keep Calm Dance 25

Today starts the 3-4 year old tap/jazz class. This class is going to pose a greater challenge for me this year. My own daughter will be in the class. Yes, I believe that teaching your own child is difficult. We’ve been practicing around the house and so far she just keeps saying stuff like:

“Mommy you’re doing it wrong let me show you.”

“Mommy you’re a mommy not a teacher.”

“Mommy the kids will be so happy to see me dance. I’m the star!”

Yep, I do have a diva child with control issues. So we will see how today goes. I may be following this post up with a post explaining how I lost all sanity teaching my child!

It’ll be a big week in our house as fall activities begin for not just my dance studio but all my daughter’s groups too (gymnastics, Latin dance and soccer). Summer is officially over and preschool starts next week. Let the good times roll! This family needs the routine to resume and start our new “normal.”

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