Discovering normal through order

So lately I’ve been working on finding new focus and a new “normal.” I think most people can relate to reaching a rut in their career and/or personal life. Sometimes a major life event can cause this or many times we don’t need an excuse. Life happens and sometimes we lose focus and can no longer hold on to what was our normal. We must find a new normal. I’m currently living through this now; since I lost my youngest baby girl my life has felt very mumble-jumbled. I’m working to clear the clutter and open a path to a clear head and a new normal.

In order to clear clutter you must get organized and yes, I’m talking literally here. In those days and weeks when I couldn’t seem to focus on the most mundane tasks I took to organizing. I knew that my writing and dance business would never get back in order if I didn’t have some kind of organization to my organized chaos. You don’t have to put much thought into getting organized. For me I turned on some good music and just dove in. Now I’m writing to you from a neatly organized office and it feels GREAT!

Cut your clutter to find order. Look a clean coffee table!

Cut your clutter to find order. Look a clean coffee table!

I’m a control freak. I admit it and I’m not ashamed. However, we can’t control everything. If I could we’d still have our youngest daughter. I am not a neat person; if you come to my house I promise that you will find that everything is not in perfect order. I discovered that an easy way to feel like I’m in control was to organize and clean. I may not be all-powerful but I can control what my house looks like and how well organized I am. Creating an environment of order helped me greatly when I was ready to return to work. It also made me feel better about the month I had to take off from everything. I needed time to reevaluate my life and establish new distinct goals.

It’s true I’ve found peace and my new normal through order. Again, I am not a neat person so the fact that I’m now advocating that people should clean is downright hysterical but for me this has been helpful. If you are feeling stuck and cluttered in your mind maybe you should consider a day of finding order. Putting your normal to-do list aside and get organized. Just don’t over-think it, put on some great music and dive in. I am hoping that you too can find a new, more productive and fulfilling normal through finding order.

Have you found this tactic to work for you? Has finding order helped you to discover a new productive level?

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