Making time to recharge and find a new normal

So I’ve been talking about finding a new normal lately. This has been the theme of my life recently. While it’s been helpful for me to find a new normal through gaining control of the cleanliness and order of our house, following strict to-do lists and reevaluating my goals I also think a little pampering never hurts.

Sometimes we just need to stop and recharge. By the time you are reading this my husband and I will be off for a weekend trip to Bahrain (Saudi’s neighboring nation) where we will enjoy a spa, amazing food, beach time and catch up on some non-kiddy movies. The time is right to go, it has been over a month since we lost our youngest daughter. We needed time to regroup as a family and cope. Now feeling more settled into our new family fall schedule it’s time to relax a little and spend time with just my husband. Don’t worry about Little Miss Markey, she’s got a fun weekend of plans with her Granddaddy.

Making time to recharge is important no matter how big or small the situation may be that is making you need to relax a little. I recently experienced this on a less tragic note. We had a family vacation to Cyprus back in July. It was amazing and the perfect place to feel recharged. For that trip our goals were to refocus on family and feel strong and connected before we welcomed our youngest daughter into the world. I never would have thought that soon we would be planning a memorial service for our stillborn daughter rather than juggling life with a newborn. Still that trip was important. We were relaxed and strong going into a horrible situation. I don’t think it’s ever good to feel run down and weak and that is how I was feeling before Cyprus. It was a little overwhelming juggling all that I do and then to think of adding a baby. After Cyprus I felt refreshed and felt like taking on all the problems in the world. I didn’t have to solve world peace but I did take on handling my own grief coupled with helping my family and preschool-aged daughter to also cope with our loss.

So my point to all of this? Take time to recharge. I know taking a nice trip is not always an option. Settle for an easy weekend getaway like we are doing this weekend or schedule yourself a staycation. Take time to sit back, relax, read a good book, etc. Make it a point to have a few days where you aren’t trying to do it all. Just do nothing. Your writing, work and life will feel better because of it.

Take a trip to recharge and take a picture to use as a reminder of what that moment felt like. Here’s Aphrodite’s Rock in Cyprus.

Take a trip to recharge and take a picture to use as a reminder of what that moment felt like. Here’s Aphrodite’s Rock in Cyprus.

Sending a special shout-out and virtual Happy Birthday hugs to my AMAZING virtual assistant, Karianne. This gal makes living in the Middle East bearable for someone who’s business often relies on U.S. time zones when this Texas girl living in the Middle East is fast asleep ☺ She’s my second set of eyes and my “second me” in the States. Happy Birthday Karianne!

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