Adults need “playtime” too

Princess hot tub time

Princess hot tub time

I love watching my daughter play in her playroom. She is so imaginative and creative with her toys. Just this morning she made a swimming pool out of a Tupperware bowl and her toys enjoyed a pool party. Really it certainly seemed like a hopping party with many Barbies, Disney Princesses, Spiderman, My Little Ponies and more all enjoying the fun. I love seeing how creative she is and I love giving her time to be just that—creative.

While she is still in many activities I do think it’s important to allow her to have time to do nothing but to create her own fun in the magical realm of her playroom. I was telling another mom this the other day and I realized something. When do I get time to play and be creative? My time is very much dictated by doing things for my family and work. My work consists of writing/editing my current book and preparing lesson plans/choreography for my dance classes. I rarely have time to play and allow my creativity to just be free.

So this is why I’m going to start writing a little each morning on nothing that I’m supposed to be working on. This will be my “free time” to let my creativity soar and just play.

It’s so easy to get caught up in life and to forget to be creative. Just as it is important for kids to have unstructured time to play it is also important for us adults to make the same time for ourselves. When is the last time you have played and had unstructured time to be creative?

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