And my answer to boosting productivity is…

Okay so I’ve discussed my belief on this before but this weekend I was reminded how strongly I believe in this—fitness helps your overall productivity. After delivering our stillborn daughter I had to recover for six weeks just like any normal delivery. I played by the rules despite being anxious to be back on my elliptical machine and working full out in the dance studio. This weekend marked my return to our home gym. I even went up to the dance studio to have some space to leap and turn without running into furniture. And wow! It felt great (once I got past the soreness from being out of shape.)

It felt great to be active again but the best part was seeing the transformation in my writing. I see a huge difference in my writing productiveness and quality on days when I have also had a great workout. I’ve seen my writing come back day by day since my time in the hospital but this weekend it’s like everything snapped into place for me.

My home gym complete with an elliptical machine and inversion table. :-)

My home gym complete with an elliptical machine and inversion table. 🙂

Of course you don’t need to go through a bad time to need fitness to help you find your focus but I’m willing to bet a good workout could solve your plotting or character motivation problems. Even writing this blog post is easier for me to do after a workout.

Now it may sound like I’m being preachy or acting like a poster child for fitness but I do believe in how it helps my work. I also combine my love for music with my love for fitness. For me, that is a perfect combination to create effective and productive time.

When I’m on my elliptical machine with my iPod my characters come to life in my head. I may not physically be writing but it is during this time that I get some of my greatest revelations.

Do you use fitness to boost your writing and overall productiveness?

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