Finding productiveness in home makeovers

We’ve been in the same house since we moved to Saudi Arabia two years ago. We had the house painted right after we moved in but this weekend we are changing a few rooms. This is the last of this current home makeover phase – I’m so excited!! Sometimes a little change feels good.

Let it go and find your inner decorator!

Let it go and find your inner decorator!

Relocating my office in our home is part of this home makeover phase. Originally I had to move my office to make room for a baby nursery but then we lost our daughter seven months into the pregnancy. Still the office was in the process of being moved and I think I’m going to love this. So what happened to my old office? I turned it into a library of course!

Back on topic, though it feels good to make some changes and I’m feeling even more creative when I look at my office makeover in the works (I promise to post pictures soon.) I’ve kept one thing in mind while reworking my office—inspiration. I’ve asked myself what inspires me and I’ve kept that in mind when making all makeover decisions.

I believe it’s important to like where you work. I realize that we don’t always get to control where we work but we can influence the space through simple décor and pictures of quotes, etc.

The same is true in the home. Do you like your home? How does it inspire your daily tasks? These are important things to think about and I’ve learned that in many cases it’s the smallest decisions that can make the biggest impact in your ability to manage time and be productive.

Has a home makeover helped your productiveness?

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