Creating an inspirational workspace

My new workspace complete with a personal guard.

My new workspace complete with a personal guard.

Lately we’ve tackled some home makeover projects with one being my new office. I’m so excited about this and absolutely love my new workspace. This is where I live my dream of being a writer and dance teacher. I put a lot of work into my office and this has reminded me how important and how easy it is to create an inspirational and functional workspace.

I like to feel inspired. Who doesn’t? I’m inspired by my family, past success and stories. Most of what is on and around my workspace fall into those categories. I love to have pictures of my family and most importantly my precious little girl around me while I work. I also have a framed wedding invitation, a framed program from our youngest daughter’s memorial service and picture I took of the breathtaking water landscape in Cyprus. I have angel figurines and favorite quotes that also help me feel inspired.

Functionality and organization is important. So I like to try my best to combine that with inspiration. Oversized coffee mugs are a great way to store pens, markers and other small supplies. I have one “Sleeping Beauty” mug, which is my favorite Disney movie and a Katy Magazine mug, the magazine I wrote for over eight years.
Office 2
Bookends can also be helpful in organizing workspace shelves. I use bookends that make sense to me for what they are holding. I have one that says “Book” in blue. When in a public relations class in college I learned that blue is the universal color for success. I plan to have my books one day be a success and on the shelves of many readers. I have another bookend that is a green figure doing a lunge. Green is my favorite color and well lunges are always part of my dance workouts.

I’m even strategic about what pictures are by certain areas. For example I have a picture of my daughter at a baby book club when she was about ten months old by files associated with my books. I have her first recital picture framed by my dance folders.

There are many ways you can incorporate your interests, priorities and passions into your workspace. This will help you feel inspired and motivated in tackling your work goals. An organized and inspired workspace can also boost your productivity.

I know a common thing I hear in my lectures for Writing Moms is “I don’t have space for a workspace”. Well, I just moved my office into a closet. That’s right, I’m writing out of a closet in my daughter’s craft room. It’s always possible to create workspace. The size of what you are able to create will depend on your situation and space but if you really want a place to call your own for your work then you can always find a way. As a rule I never write at the kitchen table. That space is for family and my desk is for work. I believe it is important to keep family and work separated.

A hidden office.

A hidden office.

Are you inspired by your workspace? How can you create inspiration at your workspace? Have you managed to do this with little space? How did it boost your productivity?

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