The inspiration behind “Caring for your Special Needs Dog”

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time then you know I’m absolutely in love with my dog, Oscar. This oh so sweet 80-pound boy is always at my side and is as loyal as they come. I know that Oscar is loved and has a wonderful life and he deserves that because he unfortunately goes through a lot. Our Oscar was diagnosed with severe epilepsy just after his first birthday. The past five years has been a journey defined by medication, tests but most of all love. I’ll always remember the time a vet said, “Oscar is lucky.” I thought how could our poor boy be lucky but then the vet explained that most families would have given up on Oscar. For us that was never an option.

That was the moment when I decided that I wanted to help other dogs diagnosed with special needs. I went to great lengths to find the best treatments, affordable care and ways to help Oscar have a great life AND for him to continue to be a great asset to our family.
"Caring for your Special Needs Dog"
I have many passions in life:

1. My family
2. Writing
3. Dance

So it was easy to see I could combine at least two of these. I used my freelance journalism experience to interview other families who have dogs with various life-long ailments. Together with my experiences with Oscar and their experiences with their dogs I was able to create a book that could help families find solutions and give not just their dog(s) a great life but also find many benefits to living with a special needs dog.

“Caring for your Special Needs Dog” was my first published book and a project that is near and dear to my heart. This week it’s been re-released on Amazon as a self published project. A percentage of proceeds go to my local PAWS chapter, a service organization for animals.

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