A story about a Beast

If you follow this blog then you know how crazy I am about my dog Oscar. He often inspires my writing and dancing and is the perfect personal assistant. Many of you may also recall the heroic rescue and rehabilitation story of my bunnies, Diamond and Jedi. It seems sad but true that my one non-dramatic furry child is always left out of my stories and blog mentions. I’m changing that today; Beast is a wonderful cat with many non-cat traits that brings us endless laughter.

A little background on Beast, he is only a year and a half and the youngest of all our pets. Beast was found by a friend of ours hanging out in a Saudi dumpster with his mother and littermates. He was estimated to be about 2 weeks old when he was rescued from a life of trash. Soon an email was distributed to the community we live in and I fell in love with the picture of a little blonde boy. During this same time our daughter started asking for a cat. Now you must know that I am not a cat person. I prefer dogs but due to a persistent little girl and a very cute kitten I caved.

Is it bath time yet mommy?

Is it bath time yet mommy?

First of all you may like to know how the little guy got his name. Well, this is Little Miss Markey’s cat and she is the “beauty” and he is the “Beast.” You can probably guess which Disney movie she was into when Beast joined our family! I was initially a little worried about how he would adjust to life at our house. Oscar, our eighty-pound dog can be a little intimidating and Little Miss Markey is very loud but our little Beast surprised us all. After only a few hours of hanging out under the master bed and taking in the sounds and smells of the house Beast embarked into his new life with no fear and held nothing back. This little guy goes where the action is. If our daughter and her friends are having a tea party then he is there sitting in front of his own tea cup. If big brother Oscar wants to play tug of war then the seven-pound cat tries his best to keep up. And perhaps the strangest of all—Beast is the cleanest living thing in our house. That’s right. Anytime someone showers or bathes he is there to join in. This cat loves water and playing in soap bubbles! My nightly bubble bath may be his favorite time of the day.

At night Beast doesn’t roam around the house like most cats do. When it’s bedtime he curls up at the foot of our bed with Oscar. The two unlikely best buddies sleep leaning against each other all night until the morning alarm goes off. Beast is extremely caring as well. If you follow my blog then you know that Oscar has severe epilepsy. I would believe that most cats would run away from a very large dog when he has a seizure – not Beast. He runs to his brother and tries to help him. In fact whenever Oscar has a seizure my priorities are: 1. Make sure Little Miss Markey is out of the way 2. Clear Oscar’s path of any sharp or dangerous objects 3. Remove Beast from Oscar so that the cat doesn’t get squashed.

Beast and Oscar messing up the bed.

Beast and Oscar messing up the bed.

This is truly one remarkable and sweet little guy we have and I’m so thankful that we got him. So while Beast isn’t my normal “child” who causes drama and gains blog and social media attention I wanted people to know about him. He is a wonderful, unusual (in all the best ways) cat and we are blessed to have him.

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