Writer’s Guide to Relaxation: Finding peace in the kitchen

If you’re a writer then you will relate to this – I struggle when it comes to clearing my mind. I always have story ideas, character arcs and plots swirling around and on top of that I also see choreography in my mind to every song I hear! Yes, that last part would be due to the dance instructor in me.

Sometimes my mind feels full of creative juices. I love to be creative but I juggle a lot of it. I’m currently in the final edits of my YA preparing it for submission, my recital season prep has begun and tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday party. In final preparations for the party I’m busy assembling my carefully planned dinosaur themed food while stressing that the decorations and party buckets I’ve made will make her happy on this fun day. Yep, this is a creative overload type of day. So how do I relax? First of all I find that there are many ways a person can relax. It isn’t just about rest; it’s about clearing your mind and finding peace amongst the busy.

I find my peace on my elliptical machine with my iPod and in the kitchen. I did squeeze in my workout and now I’m prepping a good family dinner. Since I’m already going to be in the kitchen most of the day I figured that this is a good time to test out a more complicated and longer recipe. For my recent birthday my brother-in-law gave me a tagine pot. Living in the Middle East it’s easy to find high quality spices for most of these recipes so I’ve been itching to try it out. A new cooking gadget is to me like a favorite toy on Christmas day. So as my arms work until they’re numb in cutting dinosaur-shaped bread I’m also keeping an eye on a chicken tagine stew brewing in my new pot. Just this idea of trying something new and smelling the yummy aroma coming from the diffuser in the cone is so fun and to me—relaxing.

End result? Not much to save. Yummy :-)

End result? Not much to save. Yummy 🙂

I love to be creative in the kitchen. It also gives me a great feeling of accomplishment when I can provide healthy and exciting meals for my family. Even on nights I’m working at the studio I still manage to have a home cooked meal in the kitchen. So while I’ve been working in the kitchen for the last several hours with several more ahead of me, it hit me. The kitchen is my therapy when I’m feeling over-booked and I have too much creativity and ideas swirling in my head. I need to clear my mind and focus on the cooking—the simple and relaxing task of chopping veggies and mixing spices.

It’s being able to open your eyes and discover what helps you clear your mind that will help you relax and find productivity when you need it.

What do you do to clear your mind and find peace?

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