Down with décor and up with creativity at kid parties

Okay, any mom out there can relate to this. Kid birthday parties have gotten OUT OF CONTROL! And there’s always high stakes for us moms. I’m not referring to the urge to compete with those “super moms” who seem to do everything right and then some. I only care what my daughter thinks. Now that Little Miss Markey is four she’s old enough to know if her party can compare with others or not. So rather than go all “crafty,” which is so not my thing I made her most recent birthday party creative in theme not décor.

Little Miss Markey loves dinosaurs so we had a dinosaur themed party in the local park. However, my daughter wanted to make a “statement” with her party. Following the tone of her t-shirt, “Dinosaurs- not just for boys” we made the party all pink and purple to bring the feminine aspect to a typical boy theme. Yes, finding girlie dinosaur plates is a pointless task so we went with solid pink colors.

Décor was simple – purple table clothes with balloon “packages” for centerpieces and a pink T-Rex for the piñata. We also had a pink triceratops cake. The true highlight of the party were the activities. Who doesn’t love a piñata but we created a “dinosaur fossil dig site.” Now here’s where you do have permission to laugh at me as long as you promise to here me out. We live in Saudi Arabia. The park had a sandpit under the playground and yet we bought sand and filled up a kiddie pool. Have you stopped laughing yet? I don’t like playground sand. You never know what’s in it: bugs, stray cat poop, etc. Also there’s the issue that the park is public so it would be hard to kick non-party kids out of our way. The kiddie pool was awesome and all the little junior paleontologists had a blast! And everyone left with at least two dinosaur “fossils.”

This was a fun party and yet I didn’t lose sleep over it. While my décor couldn’t compete with some that I’ve seen, it made up for it in an activity that the kids loved. Our party was the talk of the preschool drop off line yesterday so yes this is one proud momma!

Kids don’t talk about décor, they talk about what they did. If you’re not crafty like me draw on your other talents when planning a party. I’m creative in many other ways. I didn’t need to spend countless hours on Pinterest. I went to work creating a fun theme party for my daughter and she loved it.

What fun themed parties have you thrown for your kids? Do you think being a creative person (in my case; writer and dancer) helps you in this parenting area?

Little Miss Markey demonstrating the “fossil dig.”

Little Miss Markey demonstrating the “fossil dig.”

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