The wonder of playing pretend

As I prepare to host a houseful of giggly goblins at Little Miss Markey’s annual “Most Haunted in all Eterni-tea Tea Party Spooktacular” I find myself not able to ignore the fact that Halloween is THE holiday for writers. I’ve seen many blogs make reference to the sanity of writers. That’s right it isn’t exactly “normal” to hear the voices of characters in your head. I’ve always loved Halloween. The idea of pretending to be someone or something else was always appealing even more so than the idea of getting candy.

Little Miss Markey is still torn on what she’ll be this year. The good news is that she has a closet full of costumes so she can be one thing at her party, another at the community Boo Bash, something entirely different to trick-or-treat on Halloween and then something else again at the community Freight Night. I actually love her flexibility to change it up as we always encourage her creativity.

Decisions, decisions...

Decisions, decisions…

Back to my point though, I believe that Halloween may be the most creative friendly holiday and we should celebrate it for being that. Currently my daughter is gluing silly faces on paper pumpkins as we prepare for the real pumpkin carving tomorrow night. She tries on her costumes many times a day and acts out what they are and I can’t help but remember me doing the same thing. Now I play with characters in my mind and put their stories on paper.

I love being a mom and seeing my daughter play pretend throughout the day. Her imagination astonishes me but it’s not surprising seeing the books and puppets that clutter our house. We help her grow through books and acting so it should be no surprise how big of a deal Halloween is around our home.

Do you see a correlation between Halloween and writers? What are your favorite book-to-costume ensembles?

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