The art of waiting

Waiting can make us weak or strong…it’s your choice. Credit:

Waiting can make us weak or strong…it’s your choice.

Lately I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of waiting. I’ve never been a patient person but really waiting gets under my skin like a pesky hair on your chin. I’m always waiting. Waiting to take or pick up Little Miss Markey from something, waiting for my YA to be ready for submission, waiting for meetings about planning my upcoming dance studio’s recital, waiting to finish my website and new Spring enrollment process and the biggest wait lately- waiting for the youngest daughter we lost to be sent home to the U.S. (Note: Never die in a foreign country because it’s a legal paperwork nightmare to ship a body home.)

Today though during my morning stretches and reflection time I tried to analyze all the things that I’m waiting for and how I can either control the situations or not. Waiting is frustrating but doing is rewarding. I quickly was able to come up with ways to speed some “waiting” time along.

I preach it all the time in my “Writing Moms” lectures. There is much to be accomplished when we are waiting. I’ve organized grocery lists, followed up with emails, etc. So while I often get tired of waiting for things to happen it is possible to move the things I can control forward and this makes me feel accomplished and satisfied. Plus it’s good for me to practice what I preach!

Movement is the best cure for waiting fatigue. If you’re like me you can always be moving forward. This is especially true for writers. There’s always something to write!

So if you are waiting for something to happen think about what actions you can take to keep things moving forward. Now this cannot be applied to everything but I bet you’d be surprised at how many things this thought process can speed up. For one, my manuscript I’m waiting to have ready for submission…..well now I’m off to devote another hour of editing to it. I can control how fast it takes me to send it off to agents.

Waiting truly is an art. It can be irritating and frustrating but depending on how you handle it you can become more productive and satisfied.

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